About Me

Recently some awesome things have started happening in my life, so I figured it was time to start writing everything down and sharing my experiences.

I am someone who craves change over tradition, imagination over reason, faith over religion, and possibility over reality. I am currently working in marketing for a company in the GTA. The past few years I have been travelling and it has taught me that I don’t know as much as I thought I did: I gained a new perspective on the world I thought I knew.

I worked in the same place for almost 5 years, and I think working that long at any institution will teach you a lot about people, work, service, sacrifice, determination, initiative and perseverance. That job touched about a quarter of my life. I started as a host at the restaurant, and made my way around the job positions: I was a host, a delivery driver, a dish washer, a server and a bartender. I worked anywhere from 30-60 hours a week sometimes, and realized that when you spend that much time in one place, you learn a lot more than just the job. I’ve spent the last 3 years finding out who I am, starting with songwriting, and ending with faith. Not religion–Faith! I love music. I love the Arts actually, mostly because I am horrible with math, sciences, and anything that requires formulas and the human body. I believe that the world is full of beauty, but it can be surrounded by so much ugliness. I believe what artists do is they take that ugliness and they turn it into more and more beauty. I hope to be an artist like that one day, that can take the ugly and turn it into beautiful one day.

I have started a new video series called Here I Am, which was inspired by my recent mental health experiences. I struggle from mental illness and anyone else who struggles with mental illness knows the severity of the word “struggle” with mental illness. It really is a struggle. Everyday is a struggle. Sometimes, every situation is a struggle, but the dream behind “Here I Am” is to create empathy between people who, maybe without today’s technology, would never have ended up meeting. How many times have we seen a video of someone else’s story online and it pulls a heart string internally? Without the Internet, we may have never heard that person’s story that inspired us, moved us, and sometimes even changed us. Every episode will be a new person, a new story, and a new inspiration to the world of mental health. Somebody, somewhere, at some point in time is going to stumble upon a video that changes their perspective on their own lives, and the goal of “Here I Am” is to hopefully be one of those videos to someone who will desperately need it one day. After all, we have all overcome yesterday, we are all overcoming today, and we can all overcome tomorrow.

Over time, I will use this blog to explain more about who I used to be, who I am now, and who I am trying to become. I will talk about my travels around certain parts of the world and what I learned about paradigm change/culture-shock. I will talk about change and how it can be scary, but how in my experience, change is better than being stuck in tradition.

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