Welcome to Here I Am!

“Here I Am” is a video series that is meant to raise mental health awareness to the virtual world of YouTube. What makes this show unique is that it sees mental health from two different perspectives: the perspective of the victim of mental illness and the perspective of the person who is a support system to those suffering from mental illnesses. “Here I Am” is meant to highlight what an overcoming victim of mental illness could say to themselves if they could go back in time and be there for themselves, as well as what a person who is a support system to someone with mental health problems could say to themselves if they could go back in time, knowing what they know now about mental health, and encourage themselves as a support system. The purpose of having mental illness overcomers “going back in time” with their own experience is to imaginatively impact a mental illness victim’s current situation in the present day by being able to relate to someone else’s story. One of the most successful ways to connect one human being to the next is with a magical thing called EMPATHY: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

The dream behind “Here I Am” is to create empathy between people who, maybe without today’s technology, would never have ended up meeting. How many times have we seen a video of someone else’s story online and it pulls a heart string internally? Without the Internet, we may have never heard that person’s story that inspired us, moved us, and sometimes even changed us.

Every episode will be a new person, a new story, and a new inspiration to the world of mental health. Somebody, somewhere, at some point in time is going to stumble upon a video that changes their perspective on their own lives, and the goal of “Here I Am” is to hopefully be one of those videos to someone who will desperately need it one day. After all, we have all overcome yesterday, we are all overcoming today, and we can all overcome tomorrow.